Some researchs and tools on data visualization in the OII and at the University of Oxford

I have been for two weeks, as a visitor, in the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at the University of Oxford. There I had the opportunity to talk with Bernie Hogan, one of the researchers who are working on different projects about data visualization on social networks. During our meet, he explained to me this concept. He also told me about the objectives of the current projects in which they are working in the OII. And, furthermore, he showed me some examples of online graphs, as results of these projects.

ccollectionPart of our interview was recorded, and our plan now is to edit some videos about these issues, to be published online, in the framework of the project called Collection-UNIA, in which I am working in the International University of Andalusia.

While we are preparing the videos, I have collected some links regarding these projects, to share with the online community of the MOOC on Visualization of information that I enroled few weeks ago.

These are, in my opinion, very interesting to know other applications of data visualization, appart of the communication media, for researchers, lecturers and proffessors:

1) “Knowledge Exchange Networks: A Case Study in the Efficacy of Interactive Visualization” ( This project “addresses this need among university staff and external stakeholders”, and people who are working in it are assisting the KE Network “through interactive network mapping”.

Knowledge exchange implies forging, facilitating and fostering social connections. Oxford’s Knowledge Exchange Network addresses this need among university staff and external stakeholders. We assist the KE Network through interactive network mapping.

2) “Who represents the Arab world online? Mapping and measuring local knowledge production and representation in the Middle East and North Africa” ( Suppoted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). This project is lead by  Bernie Hogan and Mark Graham (both researchers in the OII), and consists in: “Using Wikipedia to explore the participation gap between those who have their say, and those whose voices are pushed to the side, in representations of the Arab world online.”

wikipedia data visualization


Bernie Hogan has been also working on NameGevDev, an online application for Facebook that allows “capture, analyse, and visualise your Facebook network”.

Other online projects and resources

Between the finished researchs and works on Interactive visualization in the University of Oxford, is very interesting too “The InteractiveVis project”, funded by JISC from May to September 2012 and composed of Doctoral Student and Research Assistant Scott Hale, Doctoral Student and Research Assistant Joshua R. Melville, Information Officer Kunika Kono, Geographer Dr Mark Graham, Cognitive Scientist Dr Monica Bulger, and Political Scientist Prof Helen Margetts.

All the info is online: In this blog ( there are a lot of rellated news, examples and demos (very interesting especially the last) on data visualization

And, last, other interesting link is this one:

Further information on:

I hope that these online resources and example are useful for us.

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